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If you’re attracted to girls and you’re single or just want to make new friends, submit to my new blog—->

Anonymous sent: Are you single?

I am :/

Anonymous sent: Hey I am from America, and I just want to say hey :D

Hey american buddy :-)

Anonymous sent: Tu blog es extremadamente lindo! Saludos y un abrazo desde México hasta España! Besos guapa!

Muchas graciass! Saludos desde España :-D

Anonymous sent: Hey me and my ex are friends now so we hangout while we dated nothing physical happened. Well now that we're friends I've been hanging out with her family and I really like her older sister but her little sister is in love with me what do I do?

Wow, that’s a really weird situation haha If you really like her older sister then go for her. Though your ex might not like it as well as her little sister :/

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