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kenaiya sent: Hola!:D oye amo tu blog! Y das muy bonitos consejos!:3

Ay gracias :) me alegra saber que leen mis consejos así que agradezco tus palabras

Anonymous sent: Eres demasiado bonita :3

Aish eres encantadora

superzeezee sent: Agreed, it's not unreasonable to ask men to maintain a certain level of control and decency. Ladies can, if we're all equal then men should be able to handle it too ;)

Yeah, you’re so right. Hope all men thought like that but some just can’t. It’s a pity :/

Enjoy being single until you find someone you can’t imagine being without and they can’t imagine being without you.
—Georgie aka pass-the-rum (via fr-agility)

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Adventure Time - Jake 3