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in need of a bestfriend

lamestblogyouwillcomeacross sent: Your blog is so cute :3 It makes me feel so happy xx

Thanks, I love yours too! :)

Anonymous sent: i feel like im never going to find my type of girl, i know i shouldnt base everything on looks but i really like girly lesbians and i feel like there is no one out there, i just needed to let that out, im sorry.

yeah, I feel the same too like if there is no one out there but I always try to remember that there is. One day you’ll find that girl you’ve dreamt with, I promise :)

lesbianthoughtsandthings sent: cool blog (: you should upload more! (:

Thanks! I will :)

loveyourname sent: Are you friend with this girl you love?

I suppose so though we dont see each other anymore. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her. By the way, love your blog :) rizzoli & isles are the best!

thegory-bitsofyou-andme sent: Ahh!! You're so cute!

aww thank you :)

Anonymous sent: Any clue on how to deal with a break up? Im totally broken </3 she dumped me a day before our anniversary

It must have been hard but remember time heals all wounds :) You could find a hobby or something

i-kissed-a-convict sent: Eres muy bella. :3

Gracias :)

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